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E-commerce Website Development
E-commerce Website Development

Find India's Best Ecommerce Website Development Solutions with the solution offerings of the largest vendor pool of website development companies in Asia.

Informational Website
Informational Website

Transform your online presence with our informative website development services suited to your industry requirements and budget. 

Custom Platform Website
Custom Platform Website

Witness your professional service business harness the power of digitisation with our ROI-driven 360-degree website development services for platforms and web applications. 

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Services Offered
Services Offered

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design ensures your website adapts seamlessly to screen sizes of various devices such as computers, laptops, mobile screens and tablets. By providing a user-friendly experience, you boost engagement, reduce bounce rates, and improve search engine rankings. Mobile optimisation is crucial as more users access the web through smartphones and tablets.


Content Management Systems (CMS)


A powerful CMS simplifies website management and content updates. With an intuitive interface, you can effortlessly create, edit, and publish content without technical expertise. Regularly updating your website with fresh and valuable content enhances SEO and drives organic traffic.


Ecommerce Website Development


E-commerce platforms enable businesses to sell products and services online. These solutions offer secure payment gateways, inventory management, and customer tracking features. By providing a seamless shopping experience, you can increase conversions, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Implementing effective SEO strategies ensures your website ranks high in search engine results. By conducting keyword research, optimising meta tags, and improving website structure, you enhance visibility and attract targeted organic traffic. SEO drives valuable leads and boosts your online presence.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)


PWAs combine the best features of websites and native mobile apps. These applications provide a fast, engaging, and app-like experience across various devices. By enhancing user experience and accessibility, PWAs increase customer engagement and retention.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


AMP is an open-source technology that optimises web pages for fast loading on mobile devices. With AMP, your website loads almost instantly, reducing bounce rates and improving user experience. Google also prioritises AMP-enabled pages in mobile search results.


Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Chatbots powered by AI technologies offer personalised and automated customer interactions. These intelligent assistants can handle inquiries, provide support, and even facilitate transactions. By improving customer service and engagement, chatbots enhance user experience and drive conversions.


Single-Page Applications (SPAs)


SPAs load dynamically and provide a seamless browsing experience. With SPAs, users don't have to wait for entire pages to reload when navigating through your website. The smooth and efficient user experience boosts engagement and reduces friction.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


APIs enable seamless integration of third-party services and functionalities into your website. They enhance the capabilities of your website, allowing you to provide personalised experiences, leverage external data, and automate processes. APIs improve efficiency and user satisfaction.


Voice Search Optimisation


With the rise of voice assistants, optimising your website for voice search is crucial. By incorporating voice-friendly keywords and natural language, you can increase visibility and capture voice search traffic. Voice search optimisation ensures your business stays relevant in the evolving search landscape.


Web Development Types
Web Development Types

1.  Front-end Development

  • Focuses on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
  • Uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create visually appealing websites.
  • Deals with designing layouts, implementing interactive features, and ensuring a seamless user experience.


2. Back-end Development

  • Involves building the server side of a website.
  • Handles data storage, processing, and server-side functionalities.
  • Utilises programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, or Node.js to manage databases and server requests.


3. Full-stack Development

  • Combines both front-end and back-end development skills.
  • Encompasses working on all aspects of a web application, including UI, server, and database management.
  • Requires a comprehensive understanding of both client-side and server-side technologies.


4. CMS-Based Development

  • Relies on Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.
  • Provides pre-built frameworks and tools for website development.
  • Enables non-technical users to easily create, customise, and manage website content.
Development Process
Development Process

UI/UX Ideation


This stage involves ideating the UI and UX of the website by taking a systematic approach to creating wireframes of the design. Based on this, we seek your approval and satisfaction on the design of the website and the important elements which are to be included in it. 


Front-end development


This stage involves developing an environment for the users through which they can interact with your website. This stage requires of technical precision to ensure that your website is interactive and user-friendly. 


Back-end development


Back-end development activities are referred to as taking the activities which brings server-level changes to the website. Good back end development practices are essential to ensure that your website performs well and its databases are maintained effectively. 


User Acceptance


This is the most crucial stage of website development wherein we seek your formal acceptance on the deliverables and the quality of the project. We get on a mutual agreement on this stage and identify the scope of improvements in the project. 




Testing is referred to as the process of finding any potential issues in the website. This stage involves of running the code to ensure that it is performing functionally well. This maintains the need for ensuring that your website is accessible and handy to use by your users. 


Bug Fixing 


This stage involves taking dedicated initiatives for handling the glitches and issues which have arisen in the testing phase. This is done to ensure that your website is ridden from any issues and errors which can hamper user experience. 



Tech consultancy 


With our free tech consultancy services, we understand the requirements of your business. Based on this, we help you scope the requirements of your project and suggest the best practices to implement in your project. 


With years of experience in serving the industry, our tech consultants come up with innovative ways of helping you expand your business with website development solutions.  By considering factors like the budget for the project, your audience base, business size and the need for a website, our tech consultants shortlist three top partner website development agencies to work with.  


This shortlisting is done with the help of our AI-based proprietary algorithm, which shortlists partner companies on the basis of factors like matching the industry experience of the vendor, budget and level of complexity involved in the project. 


Your tech consultant will help you finalise your best-suited partner company by sharing the portfolio of the shortlisted companies to help you make a better decision. 


Project Management Solutions


A significant advantage of choosing the solutions of Expand My Business is the project management solutions that we have to offer. These solutions revolve around the need for helping you track and monitor the progress of the project. 

With our tech solutions, you remain in touch with the real-time tracking of your project at your fingertips. Furthermore, you can also monitor your project budgets with the help of these solutions and remain in constant touch with your project SPOC and Delivery Manager. 


Dedicated Delivery Manager


We take a comprehensive approach to help you find end-to-end solutions for your project. We allot a dedicated Delivery Manager for your website development project to help you assort your requirements at every stage of the milestone. 


Your delivery manager is responsible for enforcing the scope of the project mentioned in the contract and achieving the deliverables. Your delivery manager ensures the success of the entire project lifecycle. A delivery manager represents your best interests and is responsible for ensuring the project’s success by 


Escrow Payment Security Solutions

A remarkable aspect of choosing our services is that you do not have to make advance payments for the entire cost of the project. With our milestone-based Escrow payment security services, you have all the right reasons to invest in our platform. 

We divide the entire scope of the project into sets of various milestone deliverables. This helps us in ensuring that the quality of the project is maintained at every level of the project. This furthermore allows us to break the entire project amount into chunks of milestone deliverables. 


Your milestone amount is then maintained safe and secure for every milestone in our Escrow account. This amount can hence only be processed once and when you are satisfied with the quality of the work for a specific milestone. In this way, with our Escrow payment security services, your project amount remains entirely safe and protected. 



At EMB, we help you stay ahead of the curve. Unlike most of the other website development companies, we believe in our customer-centered value propositions strongly. With our collaboration with over 1500+ website development companies, we ensure that our customers are served with the trends mentioned below: 



1.Mobile-First Development

Today, user experience reigns supreme, and businesses must prioritise it to retain their customers. Did you know that a staggering 74% of users are more likely to return to a website that is optimised for mobile?


Mobile phones have become our lifelines, revolutionising the way we shop, order food, learn, and consume media. Our dependence on these devices continues to grow, making it crucial to plan and implement website technologies that seamlessly adapt to both desktop and mobile platforms.


With mobile-first development being hailed as a top trend for 2023, it's clear why this approach is vital for the future. However, catering to the diverse array of devices and platforms available poses its own set of challenges. That's why developing a website development and design test strategy is equally important to ensure a flawless user experience across all devices.

 By embracing this approach and addressing the unique demands of mobile users, you'll unlock new opportunities and drive success for your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


2. Dark Mode User Experience    



Dark mode has emerged as a prominent website development trend that has captivated global audiences and is undoubtedly here to stay. By embracing a dark-themed design, websites become more user-friendly and adaptable across various devices.


Mobile users can now seamlessly experience the comfort of dark mode, especially in low-light environments. The reduced brightness requirement not only ensures a pleasant viewing experience but also conserves battery life. Moreover, the sleek and sophisticated appearance of dark-themed user interfaces adds a touch of elegance to any application or website.


Major industry players such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Reddit have already embraced this popular trend, solidifying dark mode as a prominent aesthetic upgrade in the realm of website development trends for the year 2023.


3. Voice UI-Enabled Accessibility 


A website development trend of 2023 that's making online experiences more accessible and user-friendly is Voice UI. With Voice User Interface technology, users can interact with web applications effortlessly using voice commands and natural language. Thanks to the introduction of accessibility standards by W3C, more and more developers are dedicated to creating websites that cater to all users, including those with hearing and sight impairments. 


4. Push Notifications 


Push notifications are now a key element of Progressive Web Applications in 2023. Discover the power of push notifications for seamless customer engagement! These handy alerts serve as a direct line of communication, enabling businesses to effortlessly connect with their customers, keeping them informed about enticing offers, important messages, and valuable updates. By tailoring push notifications to specific users, businesses can enhance their effectiveness, fostering higher efficiency and boosting user loyalty.


Customising the notifications with enticing visuals and compelling offers can go a long way in effectively capturing users' attention and driving a surge in orders, giving your business a significant boost.


5. AI-Powered Chatbots 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising human interactions with technology, and one of the prominent trends in website development is the integration of AI-powered chatbots. These advanced chatbots are being widely adopted by organisations across various sectors to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer service experiences. 

 Leveraging deep learning and machine learning technologies, AI-powered chatbots simulate human-like conversations, offering seamless interactions and valuable assistance.


Our USPs
Our USPs

Expand My Business (EMB) is your go-to partner for all your website development needs, boasting an outstanding track record and dedication to client satisfaction that make us the perfect partner for any website project you may be undertaking. Here's why EMB should be chosen:

1. Payment Security: 


EMB's unmatched reputation for secure and reliable transactions extends to website development projects as well. We implement an Easrow Payment Security solution upon successful completion of each milestone and payment processing is only processed using Escrow Payment Security as needed - creating transparency, trust, and safeguarding investments alike.


2. Money-Back Guarantee: 


Our dedication to providing high-quality website development solutions is undiminished. As with our inventory management services, we also provide an unwavering money-back guarantee for website development projects if they do not fully satisfy you with their services; should this happen, we stand behind our commitment by offering a refund; this demonstrates that we strive to surpass expectations with each project undertaken.


3. Tailor-Made Solutions for Effective Web Presence: 


At EMB, we recognize the digital face of your business is your website. Our web development services aim to create an impressive presence online that complements and resonates with your brand identity. We collaborate closely with you in understanding your goals and requirements ensuring your website not only looks outstanding but also functions flawlessly, engaging visitors and driving sales.


4. User-Centric Design and Functionality:

Our web development team places an emphasis on user experience and functionality. We create websites that are intuitive to navigate, optimized for different devices and screen sizes, responsive, user journey friendly designs focusing on smooth user journeys to create positive visitor interactions and keep visitors engaged with the brand.


5. Comprehensive Performance Metrics: 


Our website development projects emphasize transparency and data-driven insights, providing access to performance metrics such as page load times, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc. allowing you to measure success of website and make informed decisions regarding continuous improvement.


6. Domain Expertise:

EMB's web development experience spans multiple industries and sectors. From e-commerce, finance, healthcare or any other field imaginable - EMB's team has you covered when it comes to website development! They know your unique requirements can find solutions tailored specifically to you that resonate with target audiences.

Our Process
Our Process

Initial Contact: 


Our consultant contacts you to understand the inventory management system development requirements for your business.




Our algorithm shortlists the best-verified website/ app development agency for your project based on your defined metrics and budget.


Agency Selection: 


Meetings are aligned to finalise your project's agency and scope of work.


Assigned Delivery Management: 


A dedicated project manager is assigned to your project after signing the business contract.


End-to-end Project Management: 


The delivery manager looks into the entire process, defines deliverables, and coordinates between parties to ensure smooth project delivery.

Project Delivery:


 The delivery manager ensures the project is delivered according to the finalised milestones and timelines. 

Technology we use

What we provide?

Verified Agencies

We have a network of 1512 verified agencies from top-tier cities with cross-industry professional expertise to cater to businesses’ digital needs.

End-to-end Project Management

We provide end-to-end project management by scoping work, defining deliverables, and coordinating between clients and partner agencies to ensure smooth project delivery.

Escrow Payment Solution

We provide robust milestone-based Escrow solutions to safeguard online payments, supported by a money-back guarantee.

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We started working with Expand My Business in September 2021 and our experience is getting better every day. The best part about the company is their executives are always available and ready for new challenges.


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We turn ideas into work of art.

Let EMB transform your online presence by developing a website that stands out among others and drives business expansion.

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What should I look for when hiring a Website Development Company?

When hiring a website development company or website developers, for that matter, consider their expertise, portfolio, and client testimonials. Look for a website development company with experience in your industry and a track record of delivering successful projects. Additionally, ensure they offer comprehensive services, including design, development, SEO optimisation, and ongoing support.

But with EMB you need to do none of this. Our consultants and delivery managers will help you deliver end-to-end. 


What factors should I consider when choosing a Website Developer or a Website Development Agency?

When choosing a website developer or an agency, consider their experience, skills, and portfolio. Look for developers who specialise in your desired platform or programming language. Additionally, consider their ability to understand your business needs, communicate effectively, and provide ongoing support for updates and maintenance. However, with EMB we help you stay ahead of all of this by helping you find an ideal partner from our pool of 1500+ partner agencies. 


How much does Website Development cost?

Website development costs vary depending on various factors such as complexity, features, design, and functionality requirements. Customised website development costs are higher compared to template-based solutions. 


Dedicated website development consultants at EMB can provide you with the best information on this while you discuss your specific project requirements and get an accurate cost estimate for your website. 


What services are included in Website Development Services?

Website development services typically include the complete process of designing, coding and launching a website. Website developers or a website development services company offers Frontend and Backend development, content creation and integration, Search Engine Optimisation, responsive design, and ongoing website maintenance and support. 


How can an ecommerce website development company help my business grow?

An e-commerce website development company specialises in creating online stores tailored to your business needs. They can provide customised design, seamless user experience, secure payment gateways, and effective inventory management. By leveraging their expertise, you can enhance your online presence, attract more customers, and increase sales.


Is EMB an Ecommerce Website Development Company?

No, EMB specialises in connecting businesses with top-notch website development services providers, including Ecommerce Website Development companies. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, our vetted pool of agencies can assist you in creating a robust and secure Ecommerce platform to boost your online sales and expand your customer base.


How much does Ecommerce website development cost in India?

Ecommerce Website Development costs in India can be relatively more budget-friendly compared to many other regions. Ecommerce website development costs vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the number of products, required functionalities, and integration with third-party systems. For precise Ecommerce Website Development cost estimates, we recommend contacting our dedicated development experts at Expand My Business. 


Can I update and maintain my website after development?

Yes, you can update and maintain your website after development. Most website development companies offer content management systems (CMS) that allow you to easily make updates and manage your website's content. Additionally, you can choose to hire a website development company for ongoing maintenance and support services.


How long does it take to develop an ecommerce website?

The time required to develop an ecommerce website depends on various factors, including the complexity of the project, the number of features, and the availability of resources. Typically, ecommerce website development can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. It's best to discuss the timeline with the website development company based on your specific requirements.


Are there any additional costs associated with ecommerce website development?

There can be additional expenses related to ecommerce website development, such as costs for domain registration, SSL certificates for secure transactions, payment gateway integration fees, hosting fees, and ongoing maintenance and support charges.


However, EMB’s dedicated consultants inform you about all the necessary details like SSL certificate and cost of any other feature you’d want to have on your website. This gives a clear understanding of the overall investment you’ll be putting in for your website.


Find India's Best Website Development Service
Find India's Best Website Development Service

Being Asia’s largest digital marketplace, we have a vetted pool of website development companies to serve all your website designing and development needs.