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Find the Best Content Marketing Agency

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Find the Best Mobile App Development Company

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App Store Optimization (ASO) can be an invaluable asset in today's app-driven world, helping your mobile application stand out and attracting downloads and users. ASO involves improving visibility and discoverability through app stores like the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices - optimizing various elements of its listing to boost its search rankings in search results for more downloads and users.


Here is an outline of ASO components and why they matter:


Keyword Optimization:

 This practice involves conducting extensive keyword research and selecting high-traffic terms that best describe your app's functionality and purpose, then strategically incorporating these into its title, subtitle, description, and metadata for increased visibility in search results.


App Title: 

Title optimization for apps is an integral element of ASO, as it should include your primary keyword while remaining catchy and succinct. An optimized title can significantly increase discoverability of your app.


App Icon and Visuals: 

Your app icon and screenshots play an essential part in drawing users in. An eye-catching icon that stands out, coupled with engaging screenshots showcasing its features, can dramatically increase click-through rates and conversion rates for any app.


App Description: 

Your app's description offers you an opportunity to inform users about its features, benefits and functionality in a compelling manner that may entice them to download it. A well-written description not only informs but also persuades.


Ratings and Reviews:

 To build trust and credibility with users, positive ratings and reviews are indispensable to building them. Through managing reviews, encouraging users to leave feedback, and responding professionally to comments made about your app's reputation - positive ratings can only help increase its standing with users.



 If your app targets international markets, localization is absolutely essential. Translating its content and tailoring it for various regions will grow your user base exponentially.


Competitor Analysis: 

Understanding your competitors and their app store optimization (ASO) strategies is an integral component of app success. Conducting thorough analyses on app listings, keywords and user reviews from rival apps will allow you to identify opportunities to differentiate your app and gain an edge in the market.


Recurring Performance Analysis: 

App Store Optimization (ASO) should be seen as an ongoing process, so analyzing its performance, tracking its effect, and making data-driven adjustments are all integral parts of long-term success.


A/B Testing:

 Utilizing A/B tests helps identify which ASO strategies will produce the greatest returns for your app, providing data-driven insight to refine and optimize efforts continuously.



 If your app targets international markets, localization can be essential to expanding user bases. Translating and adapting its content for specific regions will increase user numbers significantly.


Successful app Store Optimization (ASO) can lead to increased visibility, higher organic downloads, enhanced user engagement and ultimately more revenue for your mobile app. ASO is a dynamic field which requires constant analysis and adaptation in order to remain competitive within its market space. ASO should be an essential component of your mobile app marketing strategy that helps reach target audiences while meeting app goals.



Expand My Business (EMB) offers App Store Optimization (ASO) services to increase the visibility of your app across app stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Here's how EMB increases visibility:


Keyword Optimization: 

EMB performs intensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for your app, then integrates these strategically into its title, subtitle, description and backend keywords - increasing discoverability through search results.


Competitor Analysis: 

EMB performs an in-depth examination of your competitors' apps in order to understand their ASO strategies, such as keyword usage, app descriptions and user reviews. By identifying gaps and opportunities for growth within this crowded marketplace, EMB helps your app stand out in a competitive space.


Effective Communication:

EMB's App Store Optimization Service offers you an eye-catching title with keyword-rich app descriptions designed to attract potential users and to effectively communicate its features and benefits to them.


Enhancement of Visual Assets: 

Visuals play an essential part in engaging users. EMB can assist your app by optimizing its visuals - such as its icon, screenshots and videos. Eye-catching assets encourage users to explore further.


Managing the Ratings and Reviews:

EMB can assist with managing the ratings and reviews for your app, encouraging satisfied users to leave positive reviews while responding professionally to negative feedback, thus building your app's trustworthiness and improving its overall reputation.



 EMB offers localization services if your app targets international markets, translating and adapting its content for various regions to ensure it resonates with a broader audience.


A/B Testing:

 EMB conducts A/B tests to ascertain which ASO strategies deliver the best results, using data-driven strategies that take into account user preferences and behaviors to provide continuous optimization based on continuous optimization based on continuous optimization of users.


Regular Monitoring and Adjustments: 

App Store Optimization is an ongoing process. EMB works closely with you to monitor app performance, assess ASO efforts' impact and make any required modifications to keep and increase visibility for your app.


Transparent Reporting:

 EMB's transparent and insightful reporting allows you to track the success of your app's ASO strategy, with detailed metrics and analytics supporting decision making and further optimization efforts.


App Store Algorithm Updates:

 EMB keeps abreast of changes and trends within app stores to ensure that your app's ASO strategy remains adaptable in an ever-evolving marketplace.


Collaboration with EMB's ASO experts ensures that your app not only ranks higher but also attracts the appropriate users. This targeted approach leads to increased downloads, visibility improvements and strengthening presence in competitive app ecosystems - ultimately contributing to its success and leading towards its commercial viability.



Expand My Business (EMB) is an ASO partner with several compelling advantages for optimizing app store visibility and performance; here are just a few:


EMB's ASO strategies have helped numerous clients achieve top rankings and increased organic traffic, which speaks for itself. Our track record speaks volumes.


Experienced ASO Specialists: 

Our team consists of expert ASO specialists who understand all the nuances associated with app store algorithms, user behavior patterns and industry trends. They bring an abundance of knowledge and expertise to every project they manage.


Customized Strategies: 

EMB does not believe in providing one-size-fits-all solutions; our App Store Optimization strategies are customized specifically to the goals and needs of your app, be it new or existing. Whether launching or optimizing, our strategies aim to unlock its full potential.


Comprehensive Services: 

Our ASO services encompass every step, from keyword research and on-page optimization to visual asset enhancement, ratings/review management and ongoing monitoring and adjusting.


Competitor Analysis: 

EMB conducts thorough competitor analyses to identify gaps and opportunities within your app's niche market. With this insight in hand, we use it to develop strategies which give you an edge against your competition.


Transparent Reporting:

 EMB believes in full transparency, providing easy-to-understand reports on the progress of your ASO campaign, with key metrics, rankings, and actionable insights enabling you to make informed decisions.


Stay Up-to-Date:

 App store algorithms and user preferences change rapidly, so EMB stays on top of industry best practices to ensure that your app's ASO strategy remains effective even in an ever-evolving landscape.


Multilingual Capabilities:

 If your app targets an international audience, our ASO services include multilingual optimization. This way we can expand its reach across regions and languages.


EMB has earned itself an outstanding reputation within the digital marketing sector for our dedication to quality and client satisfaction, earning trust and recognition from clients around the globe.


Money-Back Guarantee: 

At ASO Services, we are so confident in our services that we offer a money-back guarantee if our results do not meet expectations - simply return your payment no questions asked.


EMB is your one-stop solution for digital services beyond ASO, offering comprehensive web development, digital marketing, e-commerce solutions and other digital success services to meet any challenge that may arise online.


EMB's ASO services ensure you can leverage a team of specialists dedicated to increasing app visibility, downloads and overall success in an increasingly competitive app marketplace. We take a customized and data-driven approach which can ensure your app reaches its full potential within this complex environment.


Our USPs
Our USPs

Expand My Business is an ASO Partner with several compelling benefits for optimizing the app store visibility. Here are just a couple of them:

EMB's ASO strategy has helped many clients achieve top rankings and increase organic traffic. This speaks for itself. Our track record speaks volumes.


ASO Experts: 

Our team is made up of ASO experts who are familiar with the app store algorithms and trends, as well as user behavior patterns. Each project is managed by a team of experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.


EMB's Customized Strategies: 

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our App Store Optimization strategies can be tailored to your specific app needs and goals, whether it is new or already existing. Our strategies are designed to maximize the potential of your app, whether you're launching it or optimizing it.


Comprehensive Services:

 Our ASO service covers all aspects of ASO, including keyword research, on-page optimization, visual asset enhancements, rating/review management, and ongoing monitoring.


Competitor Analysis:

EMB performs thorough competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities within the niche market of your app. We use this information to create strategies that give you an advantage over your competitors.


Transparent Reporting 

EMB is committed to full transparency. We provide easy-to-understand reports that include key metrics, rankings, and actionable insights, allowing you to make informed choices.


Keep up-to-date: 

As app store algorithms and user preference changes rapidly, EMB keeps abreast of the best practices in order to make sure that your ASO strategy is effective even as the landscape continues to evolve.


Multilingual capabilities: 

Our ASO services include multilingual optimization if your app is aimed at an international audience. We can then expand the app's reach to other languages and regions.

EMB's dedication to client satisfaction and quality has earned us an outstanding reputation in the digital marketing industry. We have gained the trust and recognition of our clients from around the world.



We are so confident that our services will meet your expectations, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. Simply return the payment without asking any questions.


EMB offers comprehensive digital services that go beyond ASO. We offer web development, digital advertising, e-commerce, and other services for digital success.


EMB's ASO services allow you to leverage a team dedicated to increasing the visibility, downloads, and success of your app in an app market that is becoming increasingly competitive. Our data-driven and customized approach can help your app reach its full potential in this complex environment.


Our Process
Our Process

Expand My Business's (EMB) process is designed to deliver digital solutions aligned with your business goals. Our process is well-defined and covers every phase of a project from the initial consultation through to project completion. This is a breakdown of our entire process.


1. Initial Consultation:

  • Our first step is to understand your goals, challenges, and requirements. Our consultants will work closely with your team to understand the industry and audience you are targeting.


2. Scope and Strategy:

  • We develop a detailed scope and strategy for the project after gathering all necessary information. This includes defining milestones, deliverables, and timelines. Our solutions are aligned with your key performance metrics (KPIs).


3. Agency Matching:

  • We use our extensive network of more than 1,500 partner agencies in Asia to find the best match for your project. Selecting agencies is based on the agency's expertise, experience, and suitability to your needs.


4. Signing a contract:

  • We facilitate the signing of the contract once we have identified the best agency for your project. We make sure that the terms and conditions of both parties' contracts are clear.


5. Allotment of Dedicated Delivery Managers:

  • Each project is assigned to a delivery manager. This person is your sole point of contact and is responsible for all project activities. They also ensure smooth communication and monitor the progress of projects.


6. Milestones-Based Payment:

  • We use a milestone-driven escrow-based security payment model. The project is paid for each milestone achieved. This provides transparency and security during the entire project lifecycle.


7. Project Delivery

  • Our agencies, along with our delivery managers, work together to complete the project in accordance with the scope, strategy and milestones. You will always be kept informed of the project's progress through regular updates and clear communications.


8. Ongoing Maintenance and Support:

  • We don't stop our commitment after the project is completed. Our support and maintenance services ensure that your digital solutions continue to function optimally. This includes updating, troubleshooting and enhancements when needed.

Transparency, efficiency and a commitment to deliver value are the foundations of our process. Our extensive network of expert consultants, secure payments, and project management are all combined to ensure that every project is a success. You're choosing an ally who is committed to helping you thrive in the digital world when you choose EMB as your partner.


Technology we use

What we provide?

Verified Agencies

We have a network of 1512 verified agencies from top-tier cities with cross-industry professional expertise to cater to businesses’ digital needs.

End-to-end Project Management

We provide end-to-end project management by scoping work, defining deliverables, and coordinating between clients and partner agencies to ensure smooth project delivery.

Escrow Payment Solution

We provide robust milestone-based Escrow solutions to safeguard online payments, supported by a money-back guarantee.

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Their team was knowledgeable, dedicated, and provided exceptional customer service throughout the process. The final product is user-friendly, visually appealing, and performs flawlessly. I highly recommend their services.


Manan Thakur

Founder and Director - Veda Rehabilitation & Wellness

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We turn ideas into work of art.

EMB excels in App Store Optimization (ASO). Our experts fine-tune your app's visibility, rankings, and downloads. With proven strategies, transparent reporting, and a commitment to results, EMB is your ASO partner for success. Boost your app's performance with us.

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How does Expand My Business work?

EMB is an online marketplace that connects businesses with agencies. We will help you to find the best agency for your project. This includes a smooth transition from the consultation stage through to the project completion.


How do you choose agencies to work on your projects?

We have an extensive network of more than 1,500 verified partner agencies in Asia. We select agencies according to their experience and expertise, matching them with your project needs.


Can you guarantee payment security during the project?

We do indeed use an escrow payment security model. The payments are based on milestones, and the funds are held securely until each milestone has been achieved. This gives you peace of mind.


What is the role of a project delivery manager?

As your single point of contact, a dedicated delivery manager oversees project coordination, communication and progress, ensuring a smooth experience.


Does EMB only offer its services to certain industries or types of projects?

EMB is a digital service provider that serves many industries. It offers more than 50 service categories.


How does EMB ensure transparency and accountability in project management?

We keep in constant communication with you and give regular updates. We ensure accountability and transparency with our milestone-based payment system and dedicated delivery managers.


What happens when the project is completed?

EMB provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your digital solution performs optimally. Updates, enhancements, and troubleshooting are all part of this service.


How do I start using EMB in my project?

Contact us via our website and one of our consultants will walk you through the process.


What digital services can I get through EMB?

EMB provides a variety of digital services including web development and digital marketing. We also offer app development, SEO content marketing, and more. Explore the full range of services on our platform.


How does EMB maintain the high standard of work and quality of our agencies?

 We evaluate and verify our partner agencies based on their expertise, track record, and feedback from clients to ensure that we have a network at a high level.


Find the Best App Store Optimization Services in India
Find the Best App Store Optimization Services in India

Market your application with the support of the best advertisers in the industry to market your apps on the Play Store and App Store. Our support solutions will help you find the global audience for your mobile app.