Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

For companies

How does Expand My Business work?

Expand My Business is a managed B2B marketplace with essential solutions for your digital business requirements. We have over 1000 verified agencies on our platform. When you reach out to us, we assist you in the end-to-end management and delivery of your project by connecting you with the best partner agency for the successful execution of your project.

How is Expand My Business different from any agency?

Expand My Business is a B2B managed marketplace for digital business needs. We have a pool of several agencies and vendors that have expertise in a variety of digital services. Furthermore, while an agency may be able to offer you one directional service, our services are largely divided into IT development and marketing and cover a holistic range of services under these categories.

How are you different from Amazon as a marketplace?

Amazon is a B2C marketplace that connects businesses directly to consumers. However, Expand My Business is a B2B managed marketplace and we work with businesses only. Our clients are also businesses in search of digital services.

Do you have freelancers on your platform?

No. We only have verified partner agencies that offer digital services in IT Development and Digital Marketing.

What is your role in the delivery process?

Every project is assigned to a key account manager or consultant who ensures that the project is delivered on time and that all project expectations have been met. Also, they will check whether or not the vendor has adhered to all terms of the agreement specified in the contract.

For agency

Will you share the contact details of the agency partner?

We respect our clients’ and agency partners’ privacy. In our efforts to create a spam-free environment, we do not share the contact details of our clients with agency partners and vice versa.

Do I have to talk to the agency partner directly about all the work?

No, all communication related to the project work is carried out through your Key Account Manager for you. While you can directly connect with your agency partner if needed, our project managers connect directly with the agency partner to ensure the progress of the work and keep you updated on the same.

Are the agency partners trustworthy?

Yes, we perform extensive background checks of all agency partners on our platform before onboarding them and all our agency partners are extremely trustworthy and reliable.

Will I be able to choose which agency partner works on my project?

Yes, you get to choose which agency partner works on your project. Your consultant aligns calls with the top 3 shortlisted agency partners as per your requirements and you can choose who works on your project from amongst them.


Are there any charges for subscribing to your platform?

No, we don’t charge any subscription or sign-up fee.

Are any advance payments made to the partner agency after deal finalization?

No. We follow a milestone-based system wherein payments are released to the partner agency after a defined stage of progress or milestone has been achieved and approved by the client. Milestones depend on the predefined structure of your contract.

If the partner agency does not complete the project, will I get a refund?

Yes, in case the selected partner agency does not complete your project, we ensure that we align another partner agency with the same level of expertise and experience in the task to complete your project and deliver the final product.

What is the refund policy?

You are eligible for a refund if there is any contract breach from the partner agency’s side during any stage of the project. We take refund cases seriously, and our legal team will personally scrutinize all the details before taking required actions.The exact details of our refund guidelines vary from contract to contract, as every project is unique and has distinct terms of agreement, decided upon mutually by the partner agency and client. You can refer to your contract or reach out to your assigned project manager in case of any confusion.

How do I claim my refund?

While the amount released for the project is not refundable, we try our best to align you with a different partner agency who can complete the project as per your requirements. If you still wish to close the project, the refund depends on the agreement signed with the partner agency and the work completed by them for a given milestone. **Please note that as soon as a milestone is achieved and the project deliveries have gained client approval, we release that milestone’s payments to the partner agency’s. Once released, payments cannot be refunded.

What is an Escrow Solution?

The Escrow Solutions by Expand My Business help in securing your transactions. In order to ensure utmost payment security the money received by the clients is placed in an escrow account. We work with the partner agency on a milestone basis. The project is divided into different milestones. Upon the completion of a particular milestone, the work is sent to clients for approval. Once the client approves of the work, the payment is released to the partner agency for the particular milestone. This helps us regulate the payment cycle while at the same time safeguard transactions.

What is an escrow account?

An escrow account is one that we open for you when you connect with us as clients. To ensure payment security and timely completion of payment cycles, your money is safely deposited into this escrow account and released to the partner agency on a milestone basis.